FRAME_S is an intelligent system made of frames and storage elements that can be merged with Bene workplace desks (T-Workstation, T-Lift Desk, Lift Desk Pure) to form well-organised workstations. In addition to having structural functions, the frame is also a formative and striking design. In an open space, FRAME_S serves to structure the room and at the same time the hybrid system provides a functional frame for wall-oriented workplaces with a high level of privacy and personal organisation. FRAME_S also create intermediate spaces offering zones for teams of 3 to 6.

The FRAME_S module comprises of the frame, a partition wall element and a tall side cabinet. An optional overhead storage box and work wall components can also be added. These freestanding modules can be arranged side by side or paralleled. The frame consists of two half sections, creating three different frame widths depending on the combination – all at one set height. The frame features rows of shelving holes, which allow the integration of frame applications for visual shielding. 


Fabric panel

The fabric panel is inserted into the organisation profile and can therefore also be easily upgraded.
Fabrics can be specified from the current Bene colour spectrum.


A magnetic whiteboard is available in two different sizes, depending on the attachement situation.

High whiteboard: 1,096 x 856mm
(on covered side)
Low whiteboard: 721 x 856mm
(in front on two tall cabinets)

Flip chart pad holder

As additional option a flip chart pad holder is available.

Directly on the covered side Stick magnetically to the FRAME_S whiteboard

Lighting strip

A continuously dimmable lighting strip which can be mounted under the box. Easy upgrading is guaranteed.
Characteristics: 19 W LED 4.000 K incl. accessories and dimmer, aluminium profile 1,200 x 60 x 36mm, anodised, white, powder-coated


Lower cabinet:

  • can optionally be equipped with a cylinder lock,
  • additionally an accessory tray can be selected
  • or a connection plug board can be integrated. The cabling is possible through the entire tall cabinet.

Upper cabinet:

  • can be equipped with a private compartment, which can be designed to be lockable.

Dimensions [mm]

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