Parcs Idea Wall

The Idea Wall is an important place for presentations and media-supported discussions. At the same time, the Idea Wall is an attractive room-dividing element – in an open office, for example.

Product data sheet

Idea Wall Bridge

  • Total width: 180cm
  • Height: 220cm
  • Table size: 180 × 84cm

Idea Wall Corner

  • Total width: 180cm
  • Height: 220cm
  • Fence with Ply Tablar: L 180 × H 111 x W 23cm 

Idea Wall low with table

  • Total width: 180 / 140cm
  • Height. 170cm
  • Table size: 155 × 115 / 135 × 105 cm

Idea Wall low free

  • Total width: 180cm
  • Height: 170cm
  • Depth: 35cm


Different Idea Wall models are available with diverse, elegant solutions for cabling. Whether under the table top for the Idea Wall low with table, behind the Ply Tray in the Idea Wall Corner, or with an aluminium flap on the Idea Wall Bridge. Access to electricity, networks, or video and audio are hidden away yet easy to reach.

Ply Tablar

The Ply Tray is a fixed component of the Idea Wall Corner, offering space for a laptop and hiding the cabling. It is made of shaped wood with a veneered or varnished surface. Dimensions: Width 50cm, depth 42cm, height 30cm.