Parcs Toguna Circle

Toguna Circle

Toguna Circle—a circular room within a room with the unmistakeable air of a domestic lounge. In the thick of the action yet also private.

With its three metre diameter, Toguna Circle offers plenty of space for up to ten people to hold informal meetings and stage workshops. A range of fit-out options are available to help you create the perfect space.

The option of integrating media walls with a monitor adds an extra level of functionality to the space.

Soft cushioned walls enclose a circular room. The walls and floor form a fixed space but one which is not structural with regard to the building. Carpeted floor. Soft wall. 151cm high, divided into two segments. One or two entrances. The fit-out of the interior according to choice: benches, cushions, stools tables and media furniture. 

Toguna Circle Small – The light version of the Toguna Circle.

Two upholstered Soft Wall elements enclosing a radius of 220 cm when placed facing each other, height 141 cm.  The Soft Wall elements form a single unit with the curved Toguna Benches. No floor, no ceiling.

The elements can also be set up individually, forming a more open spatial setting. The Toguna Circle Small thus provides a great deal of flexibility in both design and use. For informal meetings, workshops and relaxed discussions.

The interior fittings can also be freely selected: cushions, stools and tables.


Depending on the chosen product and configuration, up to five bench sections can be specified.
Bench sections: seat height 44cm, seat depth 55cm, chromed steel skid frame.

There is also a range of other options according to use:

  • Filo 4-Star Table Ø 150cm
  • PARCS Club Table Ø 90cm
  • PARCS Ply Table
  • Pop-up Stools
  • PARCS Cushions


Seat cushions provide comfort and add value to the design. A range of fabrics and finishes is available.

  • Size: 76 × 42 × 15cm
  • Double stitched, 6cm wide on all visible edges
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Flame retardant filling
  • 6 color and texture combinations

Fit-out options

Toguna Circle with a single entrance

Three fit-out options for 8 – 10 people.

Toguna Circle with a single entrance

Two fit-out options for 8 – 10 people.

Toguna Circle with two entrances

Two fit-out options for 8 – 10 people. 

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