Отчет о выставке «THE WORK NOW. OFFICE»

“THE WORK NOW. OFFICE" exhibition report

From 25 to 28 October, the Bene showroom in Cologne hosted the special exhibition. The most interesting things from the exhibition are highlighted in our…
Представляем новый сервис от БЕНЕ РУС

Introducing a new service by BENE RUS

We present you a new service - making of floral compositions for office spaces by a certified master in the art of…
Обновите свой рабочий стол с Bene

I AM Bene Wallpaper for download

The I AM Bene Wallpaper edition is available for download in different solutions, optimized for desktop, tablet and…
Итоги конференций Green Office и Business & Design Dialogue 2022

Results of the Green Office and the Business & Design Dialogue 2022 conferences

In the spring, BENE RUS took part in two interesting events - read more about it in our…
Участие БЕНЕ РУС в выставке Business & Design Dialogue 2022

Participation of BENE RUS in the Business & Design Dialogue 2022 exhibition

This year BENE RUS will take part in the exhibition as a partner of Trend Rooms in collaboration with one of the leading Russian architectural…
БЕНЕ РУС остается с вами

BENE RUS is here for you

While world is changing BENE RUS is still here for you: we’re continuing all our processes as we did, with no interruptions in orders and…
Bene на Expo 2020 в ОАЭ

Bene at the Expo 2020 in UAE

What Bene product can be found at the World Exposition EXPO 2020 Austria Pavilion in Dubai? Check it out in the…
Новый шоурум Bene в Париже

New Bene showroom in Paris

What happens when you connect a leading furniture company and one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world? Meet the new Bene showroom…
Домашний офис от Bene: как организовать рабочее место мечты

Home office by Bene: how to organize a workplace of your dreams

We will show you specific furnishing options for your home workspace that bring functionality and ergonomics from the office right to your…

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