Filo Conference

The FILO Table represents concentration, communication and the intelligent integration of media technology. FILO owes its lightness to the distinctive shape of its base, designed using four widely spread ‘antler‘ style arms.The FILO Table radiates elegance, and offers smooth surfaces with hidden technology that leaves the conference table’s surface untouched. FILO Table proves its adaptability with its modular construction and expandability.

The FILO Chair is the essential counterpart to the FILO Table. An innovative product that provides exceptional comfort through its flexibility, continually adapting to the user’s each and every movement.

Easy to expand, the FILO Table offers space for 8 to 24 people in its one- to three-piece versions. As a rectangle: length of 180–720 cm, width of 120 / 140 cm; as oval: length of 240–630 cm, width: 140 cm; height: 72 / 74 / 76 cm. Can be configured in U, V or O arrangements. Optional: mesh fabric modesty panels. Easy media integration with the media panel below the tabletop. Cables lead through horizontal cable mesh and vertical cable tray, the “Tornado”. 


Filo Mediapanel

A practical innovation for today’s media-supported communication. It can be positioned anywhere beneath the table top whenever required. An intelligent concept for power, data and the Bene Medianet. An innovative media solution that is stored below the table and is easily accessible. The table top remains clear, uncluttered and free of cable flaps.

Cable management

Cable twister

A cable conduit in the shape of a funnel is used to feed the cables. The cable twister is mounted into the bearer profile of the desk. The twister
can be freely positioned as the bearer profile runs across almost the entire width of the desk.
Woven fabric, black.
Cable mesh

The cable mesh is like a cable tray and like the cable twister, it is mounted into the bearer profile of the desk. The mesh can be freely positioned as the bearer profi le runs across almost the entire width of the
Woven fabric, black.
Modesty panel

Aluminium profile frame covered with mesh fabric. The panel has a fixed height of 32cm and is hung above the fittings in the carrier profile of the table.
Net in black.

Portfolio & Dimensions

Configurable according to the requirements of the meeting.

The Filo table’s modular design and the fact that it is easy to handle make it ideally adaptable to the unique requirements of different rooms. It can seat up to eight for small meetings and up to 24 for conferences. It can be configured as a rectangle, an oval table top or as conference arrangements O, U or V.

The centrally positioned antler discreetly combines two table tops without interrupting the distinctive pattern of the legs.


Single piece

Two piece

Three piece


  • Length: one piece 180 – 240cm | two piece 250 – 480cm | three piece 490 – 720cm
  • Width: 120 / 140cm
  • Height: 72 / 74 / 76cm




  • Length: one piece 240cm | two piece 360 – 480cm | three piece 630cm
  • Width: 120 / 140cm
  • Height: 72 / 74 / 76cm



  • 409 x 250cm | 570 x 410cm | 790 x 430cm
  • Height: 72 / 74 / 76cm



  • 365 x 250cm | 525 x 410cm | 845 x 450cm
  • Height: 72 / 74 / 76cm



  • 303 x 288cm | 513 x 355cm | 653 x 368cm
  • Height: 72 / 74 / 76cm

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