New Bene showroom in Paris

New Bene showroom in Paris

The health crisis and the development of homeworking have put the office to the test. However, we believe that it will survive and that it will more than ever be at the heart of the company, a key part of its values, identity and culture. The new Paris showroom of Bene, located in a lively cultural district, perfectly illustrates the Bene beliefs: the office is a place for meetings and exchanges, the Heimat - the home base of the company. And to really perform well, employees need to feel good and perfectly safe.


On the ground floor, the reception [Welcome Area] includes a set of innovative solutions, both in terms of furniture and technology. After a temperature check, registration and hand disinfection, a reservation then guide system leads the employee to a previously cleaned workstation. Upstairs, the focus has above all been placed on communication and collaboration, while maintaining distance between the workstations, including physical distancing solutions, the best example being the SHIELDED screen.

The first floor is suitable for networking, with places designed to meet formally or informally. The pleasure found in coffee breaks and their interactions, both friendly and productive, is embodied by the Coffee Lounge with COFFEE NOOXS, A concept born of the partnership between Bene and Nespresso Professional. The Haussmann setting, with its mouldings, spaciousness, marble fireplaces with gilded mirrors that favour authenticity, combines perfectly with the innovative and creative design of the Business Lounge. The chromatic environment combines notes of red and black for a Japanese style atmosphere, but also gold and burgundy for meetings and management.



Nature enhances the decor of the second floor. With its dominant elements of green and wood, lush plants and subtle touches of blue sky, the environment is soothing, and employees can unleash their creativity. Here there are many areas like the Work Café, a friendly place to have lunch and meet, and places that inspire ideas, such as Project Space, equipped with flexible furniture, like the PIXEL collection.


A variety of environments for perfect balance

In the image of its multifaceted neighborhood, Bene's new showcase in Paris is a shining example of a lively and varied development. Everyone can find the environment they need for teamwork as well as individual projects, to feel at home, with added functionality. There are the classics of the Bene collection such as the LEVEL & LEVEL PURE, CUBES_S , PORTS , STUDIO by Bene, DOCKLANDS collections that encourage collaboration, informal meetings and personal work. All around are arranged elements from the PARCS Wings Chair, PARCS Toguna or NOOXS Think Tank ranges, offering many opportunities for escape during the work day.

"The new Parisian development by Bene is not only a showcase of our expertise and our ability to anticipate new uses, but also a separate workplace. Our desire is to present and to experience all kinds of spaces that require new ways of working such as flexible offices or activity-based working: meeting, cooperation, relaxation, concentration (deep work), project mode, design...

This demonstration space for inspiring and innovative concepts developed by Bene is also a laboratory for us, our clients and our partners. So that everyone can live this experience, relate and adapt it to the DNA of their own organisation.

This environment provides the ideal balance between open and more private spaces; between teamwork and the physical distancing essential today. The German concept of Heimat takes on real meaning here: even more in the future, people will want to come back to the office, their home base."

- Valerie Ducruet, Director of Bene France


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